City is ours!!!

City is ours!!!

Rollin` past butt-naked chicks

Girls druel over our d****s

every one of us got a spankin`

(kool aid-) OH YEA!

Got a hot b**** by my side

We *BEEP* *BEEP* when we hear a lie

Every one of us got a spankin`

(kool aid-) OH YEA!

When my b**** walks through the door

All the girls scream, There's the w*****

It's packed from wall to wall and...

everybody is f***ed

Now let's cum

It's almost time

for the guys

to hunt the c***

We're gonna make sex party...

Because the night is ours

We do like our sauce mild

Today might've been crazy

But tonight'll be wild.

Live it up

until the moment

where people get crazy [cause]


the city is ours!!!

The city is ours!!!


Oh no, no no no no no, not another Big Time Rush parody.

*Sigh*, here we go again...

>Rollin` past butt-naked chicks

... I can already tell this parody is going to be a lot more worse than the other BTR parody.

>every one of us got a spankin`, (kool-aid) OH YEA!

I think this is some Masochist/Sadist BDSM thing...involving the Kool Aid guy.

>When my b**** walks through the door

Wow, way to respect your lady there, bud.

>All the girls scream, There's the w*****, It's packed from wall to wall and...

Hold up hold up hold up. Replay that?

>All the girls scream, There's the w*****

That's what I thought. First off I'd like to say censorship is like banning steak because babies can't eat it. And what? What? The only W word I know has 5 letters, "whore". This contains 5 stars not including the W. Not sure if it's a typo or what, but whatever it is it caught my eye.

>Because the night is ours, 'We do like our sauce mild

Mild sauce and talking about sex. Okee dokee. Unless you're both going to eat Tacos or Quesadillas, I wouldn't invlove any mild sauce in with this.

>the city is ours!!!

Actually, it's the mayor's city. Aha, it's me being a dick.

You managed to take a song that is not even good whatsoever and fuse it to make a pile of scum worse than your other BTR parody. 

TheSilverIdiots (talk) 13:46, April 11, 2013 (UTC)